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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. As we try to keep a very large inventory, it is almost impossible to keep all selections in stock at all times. Please call or stop by for more information and availability on our products.
Gold Dust - Evergreen shrub with an almost tropical appearance. Has heavily variegated leaf in adequate light, looses some color in shadier applications but plant itself thrives in sun or shade. Insect and disease resistant if plant is not located in a really damp location.
Arborvitae - Thuja
Dark Green-Upright evergreen tree. Looks very similar to "green giant" variety but not as large at maturity. Average size in 10 years 12' x 4'
Emerald Green - Emerald Beauty - Dark green conical evergreen selection. Works good as corner pieces or accents around entry-ways. Compact habit. Average size in 10 years 8-10' x 2'
Green Giant - Upright evergreen tree form comparable to a leyland cypress. Foliage is similar to leyland with a flat, "rounded" appearance. In the winter, foliage tips tend to change to deep burgundy hue. Works great as screen or stand-alone accent tree. Average size in 10 years 20-25' x 8'
Althea- Old Fashioned Hibiscus Tree
AzaleasEvergreen  Selections
Christmas Cheer - Red clusters small blooms - semi dwarf
Conversation Piece  - Pink / White Variegated large single blooms - dw
Elsie Lee -  Lavender medium double blooms  - semi dwarf
Fashion - Coral / Orange clusters small blooms - semi dwarf
George Tabor - White / Lilac large blooms  - medium + height
GG Gerbing  - White large blooms - medium + height
Hershey Red -  Red clusters semi-double blooms -semi dwarf
Pink Ruffle - Dark Pink clusters large blooms - medium height
Pride of Mobile - Fuchsia / Pink  large blooms  - medium + height
Purple Formosa - Dark Fuchsia / Purple large blooms - medium + height
Red Ruffle - Red clusters large blooms  - medium height
Snow - White clusters semi-double blooms - medium height
Sun Glow - Dark "watermelon" Red
Watchet - Pink very large blooms dwarf
Azalea - Deciduous selections
All selections will reach 8-10' in height easily, but, stays much fuller if pruned bi-annually, or as often as needed to maintain smaller plant. Medium growth rate, blooms in early spring then foliage appears as blooms start to finish up. Commonly referred to as "wild honeysuckle".
Flame - Vibrant orange early bloomer native in some mountainous areas. Usually the most sought-after selection
Lemon Lights  - Lemony - yellow early blooming native selection that  is  abundant in some mountainous areas
My Pink -  Pale to medium pink early bloomer that is native in some  mountainous areas
Wintergreen- most popular -smaller growing habit- retains vibrant evergreen color throughout seasons
Korean -larger variety- prune to any size or grows to 6 ft- slower grower
Green Velvet - faster grower up to 4 ft - bronzes in winter
Buddellia - Butterfly Bush
Black Knight  -Dark Purple- most commonly used
Nanaho Blue - Lilac / Periwinkle Blue
Pink Delight -Bright Pink
White Profusion - Large White Pinnacles
Crimson Pygmy - Most popular Japanese barberry. Small shrub. The reddish-purple foliage is best when the plant is grown if full sun. Decidous selection. Great used for contrast color. Deer resistant.  Average size  2' x 2-3'  prunes very well.
Camellia (Sasanqua or Japonica)
Deodar Cedar- Upright evergreen specimen tree. Wonderful selection for any landscape from cabin / rustic to urban / commercial. Free-flowing airy foliage has great color contrast in spring with new growth. Fast grower, drought tolerant, disease and insect resistant. Average size in 10 years 25-35' x 8-10' 
Blue Atlas Cedar - Evergreen with stiff, powdery blue needlelike foliage on interesting airy branches. Year-around color and texture in landscape.
Ideal specimen tree - drought tolerant once established. Average  size in 10 years 20-25' x 10-15'.
Serpantine Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar - Same great characteristics as above but with a wonderful "s" contorted trunk and weeping branches makes this selection hard to miss in landscape. Very slow grower only reaching 8-10 ' in 20 years.
Crippsi -Evergreen shrub, green with bright yellow variegation 3x3'
Gold Mop- Evergreen shrub, thread-like foliage bright yellow in sun 3x3'
Japanese Cleyera - red / bronze new growth, interesting  colors, evergreen, glossy leaves, great screen shrub or foundation shrub pruned to acceptable size for area needed.
Crape Myrtle
Acoma-Large panicles of slightly fragrant pure white flowers bloom mid-summer to fall. Exfloiating bark with maturity. Grows well in almost any application.  6-10' x 6'
 Cherry Dazzle - Shrub type, clusters of buds open to cherry red flower panicles on a compact mounding shrub summer to fall. Wll re-bloom if spent flowers are removed.  Excellent foundation, container,  mass planting, or border shrub. 3-4' x 3-4'
Country Red - Large  panicles of orangish-red blooms summer to fall. Full size crapemrtle reaching about 20' x 15'
Dynamite-  Beautiful crimson red blooms summer to fall. Large variety reaching 25' x 15'
Pink Velour - Crimson buds open to large panicles of bright pink floers midsummer to frost. Unique burgandy-wine medium foliage provides striking contrast to flowers. Dark orange fall color. Full sun for best preformance. 8' x 8'
Sara's Favorite - Great newer selection. White blooms against green foliage. 10'-12' x 8'
Tuscarora - Deep coral-red flowers with excellent fall color are highly adaptable trees. Cinamon-brown exfoliating bark creates interest all season. Ideal as a specimen or in the shrub border. 12-15' x 8-10'
Twilight- Beautiful Lavander blooms summer to fall. One of the most attractive full size crapemyrtles. Slightly fragrant and beautiful bark contrast all season long. 20-25' x 10-12'
Nana Globosa-Compact rounded evergreen shrub - great accent      shrub for rock areas, mass plantings, specimen areas, etc.   3-4' x 3-4'
Yoshino -Upright evergreen selection, great for corners, screens, specimens, etc. Average size in 10 years  20-25' x 6-8'
Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress -Steel-blue thread-like evergreen foliage lends and airy, flowing   feel to landscape. Works wonderfully as screen or specimen plant. Great fragrance from foliage. Average size in 10 years 25' x 6-8'
Leyland Cypress-  Dense evergreen tree that is a fast grower, disease and insect resistant, works great as a screen or as stand alone tree in landscape. Average size in 10 years 25'-30' x 8'.
Russian Cypress - Low grower adds great evergreen color and a conifer appearance to landscape. Looks great around rock gardens or boulders. Average size in 5 years 1 1/2' x 3'
Cherokee Princess-  Large white blooms in spring followed by foliage that is beautiful fall colors, and, is one of the best selections to hold its leaves while in full fall color. Average size in 10 years 15'
Native White-  Medium-large blooms appear in spring followed by foliage and red seed-pods that add interest to landscape. Fall colors are usually a deeper burgundy/red that holds well. Average size 15'
Hybrid Pink-  Large pink blooms in spring followed by foliage - holds leaves well in fall- good color
Hybrid Red-  Medium-large deep pink  blooms that fade to paler pink with age in spring followed by foliage - holds leaves well in fall- good color. Average size in 10 years  15'
Kousa -  Korean dogwood, blooms pale green to bright white usually very large and abundant after foliage appears. Very dense foliage and is known to have red seed pods after blooms are finished.  Interesting addition to any landscape.
Burning Bush - Semi-dwarf deciduous selection that has green leaves in the spring and summer, but then turns a vibrant red in early fall to add an unbeatable contrast to any landscape. Great as a hedge type planting, foundation shrub, or as specimen or accent around other plantings. Average size up to 6' x 4' but is a great choice to keep pruned to any desired size.
Emerald and Gold-  Evergreen variegated ground cover. Rounded leaves heavily variegated with ample sunlight, adds color and contrast to areas while being a good selection for ground cover and of can be used to stabilize soil when plant is established. Spreading habit of about 3-4' x 3-4' in 5 years but can be maintained at any size or need.
Gold Spot  - Shrub type with larger golden variegated leaves prunes very well - many applications from screening propane tanks to use as a foundation shrub or accenting other landscaping
Spectabilis-  Bright yellow, abundant blooms very early in of the earliest. Shrub will grow to about 6-8' x 4-6' if allowed to grow natural but does well with pruning to maintain size/shape needed
Lynnwood Gold - Slightly deeper yellow, abundant blooms very early in spring. Shrub will grow to about 8' x 6' if allowed to grow natural, but does well with pruning to maintain desired size/shape.
Fruit Bearing Trees, Shrubs, Vines
         Granny Smith
         Gold Delicious
         Pink Lady
         Stamen Winesap
         Rome Beauty
         Red Delicious
         Wolf River
   Georgia Bell              
   Red Haven
         Santa Rosa
    Apache (thornless)
    Arapaho (thorn less)
        Dorman Red
        Dorman Gold
        LSU Gold
        Northstar (tart)
        Montmorency (tart)
        Bing (sweet)
       Mars - Purple seedless
       Niagra - White seedless
       Concord - Purple seeded
       Cowart - purple
       Scuppernog - Bronze
       Southland - Purple
       Summit- Bronze
Canadian Hemlock
Feathery evergreen foliage displayed on soft graceful brances. Very popular variety, one of the best evergreens for shady areas or under the canopy of other hardwood trees. In mountainous areas will withstand total shade to full sunlight. Works beautifully as specimen tress or in groups for privacy screen. Average size in 20 years 20-25' x 10'
Marie's Variegated -  Lace cap selection with white / green variegated leaves. Grows well in moist acidic soil. Shade or morning sunlight. Also grows well under tree canopies with filtered light. Blooms in June usually.
Nikko Blue & Glory Blue - Mop-head selections with large blue blooms. Blooms can turn pink if alkaline-acidity levels are unbalanced (easily reverted if occurs). Holds blooms well and has long bloom time. Can grow to 6-8' x 6-8' if not pruned back. Prune to maintain smaller growth habit after a couple of frosts. Does better with shade or limited sunlight (morning) or filtered light.
Oak Leaf -  Very large white bloom clusters in/about June. Leaf is large and shaped similar to an oak leaf. Has great fall color turning deep red and holds leaves well. Blooms mostly on old wood - prune only when necessary for better bloom quantities.
PeeGee - Mop-head with white blooms. Will tolerate much more sun than
most other selections of hydrangea. Smaller leaves and somewhat more woody stems. Will grow to average size of 6-8' x 6-8' but as with other hydrangea, prunes well.
Lime Light - Large white blooms that emerge lime green then go bright white with maturity, finally turning nice bronze and "dries" on stem providing and everlasting bloom - makes excellent cut/dried arrangements. Moderate light to almost full sun is ok for this selection.
Merits Pink -  Large bright pink mop-head blooms late spring - early summer. Prefers shade or morning sunlight. Also thrives under tree canopy with filtered light. Average size 6' x 6'.
Blue Princess Holly - Lustous dark blue-green leathery evergreen foliage is an excellent contrast to the bright red berries this selection produces. Provides food, nesting and coverage for birds. Grows in partial shade to full sun. Average size in 10 years 8' x 8' but you can prune to any desired size. 
Japanese Compacta - Evergreen shrub used often as a "hedge" type planting or foundation planting. Has small rounded leaves and is almost maintenance free unless pruned annually or bi-annually. Average size in 5 years 3-3.5' x 3'
Japanese Helleri - Low growing and mounded with small rounded leaves. Used often where a compact evergreen shrub is need. Basically maintenance free selection. Average size in 5 years 2.5' x 2.5'.
Carissa - Dwarf variety with more traditional "holly" leaf. Great as border shrub or accent plant. Average size in 5 years 2-3' x 3'
Oakleaf - Upright evergreen selection - tree form interesting leaf format, berries in winter. Makes great corner piece or specimen for any landscape. Average size in 10 years 
                                                                      12-15' x 8-10'
Liberty - Upright evergreen selection - tree form with heavily serrated edges that are suprisingly flexible. Dark green foliage few berries in the fall. Somewhat more slender growth habit. Average size in 10 years 12-15' x 6-7'
Nellie R. Stevens - Upright evergreen selection - tree form with profuse red berries in fall and winter provide interesting landscape and a great source of food for wildlife.One of the most popular and widely used tree form hollies.  Average size in 10 years 15+'-
Robin - Tree form holly. More of a "true" holly leaf. Berries in the fall and winter. Very natural &/or native appearance. Dark green foliage and red berries make this a good landscape selection. Average size 14' x 8'
Needlepoint - Shrub type holly. Dense growth that works great as a foundation shrub or screen for tanks - or a/c units. Masses of red berries surround branches in fall and winter months. Also great for a backdrop plant. Average size   in 10 years up to 6' x 4' but is great to prune to meet any need. 
Indian Hawthorne
Snow White - Evergreen shrub with masses of white blooms in summer. Tolerates heat well. Disease and insect resistant. Used a lot because of dwarf growth habit. Average size usually about 2.5 -3' x 3'.
Blue Rug - Dense blue/green groundcover. Evergreen - good erosion controll with maturity. Adds nice contrast to any  landscape. 
Averages 3' x 3' in 5 years
Blue Pacific Juniper - Faster growing dense evergreen with more of a "mountainous" appearance. Good erosion controll. Averages 4' x 4' in 5 years
Blue Point Juniper - Upright selection that is great for entry-ways, corners or as accent plants. Grows about 7' x 3-4' in 10 years.
Blue Star Juniper - Compact mounding juniper that adds great steel-blue color contrast to any landscape. Also lends                                                                             conifer feel to area,
                                                                               about 2' x 3' in 5 years.
Grey Owl Juniper - Blue-grey foilage that is great contrast plant. Evergreen with soft foilage that has somewhat of an airy appearance. Grows to about 3-4' x 3-4' in 5 years
Gold Lace Juniper - Evergreen with  yellow tips lends color to landscape year around. New growth is bright yellow in spring. Prune to any sixe or shape or grows to about 4' x4' in 5 years.
Sea Green Juniper - More upright growing habit. Evergreen selection that works great as foundation or backdrop plant. Also good around boulders or rock gardens.
Hollywood Juniper- Rich dark green foliage on this upright juniper with erect branches qualifies this plant for specimen or accent usage. Full sun to part shade  and well drained soil.  12-15' x 4-6' in 10 years
Procumbens "Nana" - One of the best dwarfs for form and uniqueness. Forms a compact mat of branches of varying lengths that spread out in a compact mass of sprays. Beautiful blue-green colored foliage that has a slight purple hue in the winter. Slow grower, works wonderfully as a bonsai or around any rock-boulder areas. Up to 3 x 3' in 5 years
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