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Recurve - Evergreen leaf has a wavy leaf margin and a twist at the tip. Profuse bloom of fragrant white flowers during the spring. Used in screens, borders, and specimen plantings. Can be grown as shrub or small tree. Prunes well to any size.
 Up to 12-15' x 6-8' in 5 years 
Variegated Privet- Dense evergreen shrub has an upright habit that lends itself to shaping and pruning. Shrub stays more dense with annual or bi-annual pruning. The leaf is margined and blotched with creamy white giving the shrub a bright appearance. Great as contrast or screen. Fragrant blooms in spring. Grows up to 6-8' x 6-8'
Waxleaf - A loosely formed evergreen tree that has large, dark-green leaves with an opaque rim around the margin. Traditional southern plant. Blue-black fruit follows fragrant blooms in spring to summer. Great choice for screen or specimen plant. Prunes well. Grows up to 15' x 10'  in 5 years
Weeping Privet  "Pendulum"- Weeping form of privet. Solid green leaves. Showy white frangrant flowers in the spring followed by bluish-black berries. Prefers full sun and thrives in moist soil conditions. Grows up to 6-8' x 6-8'
Burgandy-  Semi-Evergreen shrub that adds interest to the landscape with hot pink flowers and great foliage color. Flowers bloom early spring and sporadically thereafter. New foliage ia a rich, reddish-purple color that matures to purple-green. In fall, the older leaves turn a brilliant orange-red to red color. Prunes very well and maintains more dense habit with annual or bi-annual pruning. Up to 6-8' x 6-8' in 5 years.
Ruby - Offers more of a compact-rounded appearance than the other loropetalums. New leaves exhibit shiny, ruby red to purplish-red color that is attractive. Hot pink flowers adorn this shrub in early spring maiking for a great splash of color. 4-6' x 4' average in 5 years. Prunes very well.
Suzanne - One of the lowest growing loropetalums with a mature height of about 3'. Foliage is a deep red-maroon. Blooms are hot pink. Prefers sun and well drained soil.  3' x 3'
Mahonia - Leatherleaf-Shade loving medium size evergreen with interesting leathery foliage with cream to golden flowers, followed by blue fruit. Prefers shade to partial shade and fertile well-                        drained soil. Grows up  to 4-5' x 3'.
Compacta- Medium evergreen with large blue-green leaves that exhibits great yellow-red fall color. Pinkish-white flowers appear late spring. Bright red fruit appears from September thru November to accesorize the fabulous fall color. Average size 4-5' x 3' in 5 years.
Firepower- It is named firepower for a reason! During the fall and winter this plant exhibits foliage folor that is almost a flourescent growing red. Habit is dense and compact forming. Full to part sun. Loose-well drained fertile soil. 1.5 -2' x 2' shurb.
Gulf Stream- Semi dwarf variety. Intense red fall color and compact growht havit make this variety a natural where a mass of color is desired. Prefers full sun to partial shade and moist-feritle well dreained soil.  Reaches about 2-3' x 2' at maturity.
Harbor Belle - New patented dwarf variety. Exhibits bright yellow-red fall color. Prefers sun and moist-well drained, fertile soil. Mature height  1-2'.
Dwarf Palmetto- Low growing palm, great for mass or specimen plantings. Beatiful around water features or pools. Great contrast against large boulders. Prefers full sunlight and moist sandy fertile soils. Cold hardy to zone 7. Reaches mature height of 5-6'.
Windmill - Compact growing palm with dark green leaves and interesting brown fibrous trunk. Prefers full sunlight and well drained fertile soils. Cold hardy to zone 7. Will tolerate snow and freezing temperatures. Grows up to 15'.
Pussy Willow
French Pink-Fast growing shrub or small tree noted for its showy white catkins produced in early spring. Bright green leaves are silvery on the underside for an iteresting contrast. Makes wonderul cut arrangements. Sun or light shade. Tolerant to flooding or poorly drained soil. Mature height 10-12'.
Crimson and Gold-Decidous shrub producing deep red flowers early spring followed by small apple like fruit ripening early fall. Prefers full sun to light shade and well-drained acidic soil. Mature size of about 4' x 4'.
We have a large selection of hybrid tea, climbing and floribunda roses in the spring (usually around Mother's Day) . Otherwise we carry the "Knock-Out" series for landscaping purposes.
Knock-Out - The growers are continually producing improved strains and a variety of colors. We normally keep the following 3 varieties in stock. They are profuse blooming shrub type roses. Flowers spring to frost. Very disease resistant as well as not as bothered by most insects (japanese beetles are an exception) as other roses. Winter hardy and light shade tollerant. Prunes to any size/shape but if not trimmed then average size is 3-5' x 3-5'
                 Red                    Double Red
Pink "nearly Wild"     
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